Maine Island Fog: Photograph by Will Tenney
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Maine Island Fog

On our way up the Maine coast a few years back to visit friends in Eastport, we stopped for the night at Blue Hill, Maine. The August day had been overcast and foggy so that any views of the coastline were rather limited. In the evening we took a drive just before dusk and came upon this view. The tide was at its maximum, not a breath of wind, and the light was failing fast (in a few minutes, it was pitch dark). The result was this very Asian feeling image. Those who know the area say that from this particular point, at one edge of the local golf course, the view towards Mt. Desert Island and Cadillac Mountain in the distance can be spectacular. But to me, sometimes limiting the view is far better — this little island would have been completely lost if there had been no fog to screen out the background.

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