Neighboring Colors #2: Photograph by Will Tenney
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Neighboring Colors #2

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In the highlands of central Mexico, most town’s houses are built right on the sidewalk and share a common façade. Where two adjacent properties come together, often the delineation is by paint alone and occasionally with some masonry. In San Miguel de Allende, a UNESCO World Heritage city, the prevailing style is to paint walls with a contrasting color on a lower segment coming up a few feet from the sidewalk. For the most part, traditional iron-rich earth tones of brown, red, ochre, and yellow are used. Each property owner chooses how the property is to be painted. Or not. The point of intersection, the borderline, creates some fascinating juxtapositions of form, color, and texture.

This image is one of a much larger series of images of these Neighboring Colors and can be found in the Suites section of this web site.

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