Sexy Ferkel: Photograph by Will Tenney
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Sexy Ferkel

As we neared Flengi, Croatia, just inland from Vrsar on the Istrian coast, we noticed roadside signs advertising “Ferkel.” Since the signs were all in Croatian, they didn't mean much to us. On entering Flengi, we discovered that it is an interesting little town, full of restaurants, all specializing in outdoor barbecue. When we drove through it was just about lunch time, and the roasting spits were all in full smoking sizzle. Everywhere you looked there was a spit turning with a pig slowly turning as it roasted. So what is “Sexy Ferkel” you ask? Germans are the most predominant visitors to Istria and ferkel is the German word for piglet or suckling pig. But sexy? Needless to say, we stopped at this restaurant to find out and had a fantastic platter of ferkel, sold by the kilogram, juicy, succulent, delicious. Not a morsel that dribbled down the chin was wasted! Boy, was it sexy!

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