Rorschach Rocks #4: Photograph by Will Tenney
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Rorschach Rocks #4

One image in a series of works I prepared for a show in 2005 called Rorschach Rocks! These digital manipulations of pictures of rocks near Halibut Point in Rockport, Massachusetts have been given a “bilateral symmetry” using layers and levels of transparency to turn them into Rorschach-like images. What you see in these images says more about who you are and what you believe. As humans, we are hard-wired to be able to recognize faces quickly. In fact, we can tell the differences between all seven billion faces on earth. Perhaps this ability is an ancient left-over from prehistoric days when it was a life-and-death necessity to be able to tell quickly friend from foe.

More images in this series may be found in the Suites section of this web site.

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