Babson Boulder, “Work”: Photograph by Will Tenney
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Babson Boulder, “Work”


Stretching across the backbone of Cape Ann, about 40 miles northeast of Boston, Massachusetts, is an area commonly known as Dogtown. How it got its name is shrouded in mystery and legend, but like the name of the town at the tip of Cape Ann, Rockport, it is an area replete with rocks. For well over a hundred years the Dogtown area of Cape Ann was the home of a vibrant stone quarrying industry, but during the depression of the 1930s the industry pretty much died, leaving many skilled craftsmen jobless. Roger Babson, a wealthy Boston financier, hired unemployed stone workers to carve inspirational aphorisms on some of the large granite “glacial erratic” boulders creating what is now known as the Babson Trail. Walking across Cape Ann from one side to the other along this trail, you might come across some of these huge stones with their pithy sayings hidden in the woods.

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